The Blogger’s World = Limitless Online Marketing

One could not dream on July 3, 1969, when Internet was introduced to the public, that our lives and culture would change so rapidly. A mere 25 years later, a college student at Swarthmore, Justin Hall, invented blogging. Since then social networking has taken over our culture.

Four of the top online social networking methods include:

  • Blogging in 1994
  • Myspace in 1999
  • Facebook in 2005
  • And Twitter in 2006

It is only natural with our culture changing so rapidly from the days of door-to-door salesmen to our current culture of mass media and social networking that our marketing strategies would change too.

Now with society’s capability to have personal interactions with people all around the world, thoughts can be posted on the web forever with the click of a mouse. We are able to share our questions, experiences, and opinions about anything we please from the color of our coworkers socks viewable via high-waters, to our business likes and dislikes. We have seen where this can go horribly wrong with Chris Crocker trying to save Britney, but we have also seen it go very right with Andrew Sullivan’s blog, having twice as many readers than the National Review. Though blogging has its silliness, it is also a very serious marketing opportunity, which has opened a whole new realm for marketing research.

Consumers and even business professionals have turned to blogging as a main source for consumer communication. What better way to reach out to customers than by joining them and blogging? When you blog you’re giving consumers the option to post opinions or pose questions about your company and products. Responding to these posts is a great way to create links to multiple online communities and show your company’s personal integrity. Not only can creating a blog help connect you with consumer communities, it can also be a great way for your business to rank higher on Google.

In blogs people create links to other websites with topics they are discussing. If you are the matter at hand for a blogger, they may create a link to your website or your blog. Each link creates more buzz about your business and online word travels fast. You can also create links to your website through your personal blog and website. Theoretically the more links that lead to your blog or website the higher you will rank on Google. The more well known your company becomes, the more consumer traffic will walk through your door.

Tracking blogs is like having a Miss Cleo for marketing. It is a way to see what people all over the world think. If you narrow this down to a state, a county, or just a city, marketing researchers can get a detailed analysis of what consumers are well, consuming. Getting a detailed analysis for an area your business is working in can help you better understand your customer’s needs and wants. Become a psychic for online marketing, be blog-minded.

Blogging has become a subculture with no borders or boundaries. So get out there and get blogging. Your means are limitless!

Top 5 blogs according to Technorati, an Internet search engine for blogs.