6 Ways to Make an Effective Landing Page

Creating an excellent landing page is like perfecting a sales pitch. Everything you say and do is crafted to entice your prospective customer, and your ulterior motive is to compel him or her to act. The role of a landing page is exactly that—to be a strategic, well-constructed site that is specifically designed to convert prospects to leads.

Here are 6 ways to make your landing page effective:

  1. Simple & Strategic Design – Make your site simple, organized, and precise. The use of white space is a great way to make your site appear simple and organized. Make sure to strategically place your information, pictures, header, and contact info where the readers’ eyes will tend to look.
  2. Convey Trust – Use brand names and logos that are familiar to your prospects. Some testimonials can also be a good way to show him or her that you are a trusted brand.
  3. Use Tools that Convert – Promotions, basic product information, pictures, and brand logos are great ways to attract potential customers. Promotions seem to work very well, but feel free to test which tool works best for you.
  4. Don’t Scare Them – While compelling your prospects to act is your goal, it’s still ulterior. Forcing a sale can easily scare your readers. Soften the message by limiting the amount of Call-To-Action phrases.
  5. Keep Information Minimal – In my opinion, the best products leave me wanting more. The same is true for landing pages. If your information is basic and non-distracting, your reader may want to know more information, compelling him or her to contact your company.
  6. Make your contact info very visible – The last thing you want is to have an interested customer leave your landing page because they can’t easily find your phone number. Place your phone number or a contact submission form in a place that is very visible (possibly larger font) that can be found very easily.

A successful landing page for your company may take several trials and revisions. It’s safe to make changes along the way to optimize your site, as long as your page looks professional and is ready for the public when it’s active. If you do not have web design experience, consult an Internet marketing firm for great results.