The Power of Social Media & Networking

Social media has changed the way people receive and share information. Networking and social recommendations (such as the “Like” or “Recommend” buttons Facebook has available) are doing the research for us when it comes to looking up news and information. Technology has made it easy for people to share with one another news stories, bytes of information, and answers to questions. Just like the Internet took over the print press, it is helping social media take over news outlets, product placement, and is also helping customer service improve.

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Social Media: Why Bother?

Social Media can be defined as “participatory online media that utilizes the group to write and direct content, rather than a read-only media. Allows for direct contact between participants.”

Social Media dominates the lives of people in the United States on a daily basis. Whether you like it or not, Social Media is the present and the future, and there is no turning back. Your competition may already know that Social Media is a necessary component of marketing in today’s world, and they may or may not be taking advantage of that. Don’t wait to find out. Expand your web presence by starting a strategic Social Media Marketing campaign.

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Expanding Your Social Network

Social Networking… Away from the computer

In our world today, social networking has become a way of life for many people. It has also become an effective marketing strategy used by businesses with very little cost involved. However, I am not writing to tell you about the importance of social networking. While social networking on the Internet is important, I want to take a look at the real meaning of the words “social networking”.

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