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Customizing Your SiteLink Feed

1. Begin by visiting sitelink.sequoiaims.com.   2. Choose the login link.   3. Enter your provided login credentials to access the dashboard.   4. On the dashboard, choose Customize SiteLink Feed. 5. On the configuration page, notice the code block above the product chooser. This is what you will embed into your website. 6. This […]

Live Chat Sign Up

1. Visit our preferred chat service at livechatinc.com 2. Enter your email to being singup process 3. Follow the 3 steps to create your account. Once complete, account will be created and the site will redirect you 4. At the next page you will be asked to install the code to your website. No need! […]

Tracking Your PPC ROI

Internet marketing can be very intangible. Although Google Adwords and MSN AdCenter gives you valuable data, it doesn’t show you the complete success of your PPC campaign. It’s hard to see the results, when nearly every part of the sales process is done online. Your sponsored ads might drive 80% of the traffic to your […]

The Power of Social Media & Networking

Social media has changed the way people receive and share information. Networking and social recommendations (such as the “Like” or “Recommend” buttons Facebook has available) are doing the research for us when it comes to looking up news and information. Technology has made it easy for people to share with one another news stories, bytes […]

What Motivates You To Work?

As we all have our own individual passions, strengths, and what I like to call inspirational motives, we sometimes have to look in the mirror and ask ourselves, “Why am I here?” and “Why is the world better because of me?” In today’s world, it’s rare to be able to combine our passions with our […]

Social Media: Why Bother?

Social Media can be defined as “participatory online media that utilizes the group to write and direct content, rather than a read-only media. Allows for direct contact between participants.” Social Media dominates the lives of people in the United States on a daily basis. Whether you like it or not, Social Media is the present […]

Keeping The Culture

We have all had those jobs where we would rather pull out our teeth than have to go into work. The bed always seems a little cozier. Hitting snooze a minimum of 5 times a morning is routine. You dread Mondays and celebrate Fridays. This can all be an effect of ill company culture.

New Horizons

The majority of people who enter the job world approach their work with a very simple purpose: to get the most they can from their job while giving the least possible to their job. Ironically, we often value our work to the extent that it serves and upbuilds us, instead of doing work as the […]

Social Media Day 2011: Online Meets Offline

Ever considered hanging out with people like you? What about people who like what you like, or do what you do? Of course you have. But what about those people you’ve met but don’t really know? That’s what Social Media Day (SMDay) is all about. SMDay 2011 should have begun with a short speech: