Tracking Your PPC ROI

Internet marketing can be very intangible. Although Google Adwords and MSN AdCenter gives you valuable data, it doesn’t show you the complete success of your PPC campaign. It’s hard to see the results, when nearly every part of the sales process is done online.

Your sponsored ads might drive 80% of the traffic to your e-commerce page, and you might not even have a clue that your PPC campaign is working well. It can be very difficult to understand how much money you are making (if any) from your PPC campaign if you do not take the right steps to learn its profitability.

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6 Ways to Make an Effective Landing Page

Creating an excellent landing page is like perfecting a sales pitch. Everything you say and do is crafted to entice your prospective customer, and your ulterior motive is to compel him or her to act. The role of a landing page is exactly that—to be a strategic, well-constructed site that is specifically designed to convert prospects to leads.

Here are 6 ways to make your landing page effective:

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