Customer Service 201

Think about how you feel when you encounter bad customer service, even if it’s only once. You probably dread calling for assistance, and when you finally do, you are reminded why you didn’t want to make the call in the first place, prompting you to consider taking your business elsewhere. Consider this – would you want your customers doing the same?

“To say that we are pleased with Sequoia IMS would be an understatement; we are overjoyed! It is nice to see a company’s results outweigh the customer’s expectations.” – Robert Lee, Efficient Air Conditioning

Did you know that 62% of customers choose to leave a business because of poor service and support, and 14% leave because of inadequately resolved complaints? This is why I work hard to ensure my team keeps our customers happy and coming back for assistance. I personally have had some bad experiences with certain companies and their customer service, and this is why I took my business directly to one of their competitors.

At Sequoia, the customer service representatives (Web Support Team) are the front line of communication between customers and the company. Our customers rely on our support because of the level of service we provide. After all, our customers are what keep us open for business, so fulfilling their needs are our number one priority.

“All of the individuals we have worked with at Sequoia have been extremely professional.” – Michele Vogt Kemnitz, Kemnitz Air Conditioning

Tips for Great Customer Service from Sequoia’s Web Support Professionals:

  1. Be a good listener. Customers appreciate you taking time to listen to their frustrations and considering their feelings. Be attentive to their concerns, tone of voice and body language, and avoid interrupting.
  2. Learn how to apologize. Customers are more understanding if you take responsibility for errors. Thank them for bringing matters to your attention – this is how improvements are made.
  3. Say “Yes” – it really can make a difference. If the client has a (reasonable) request, don’t hesitate to say you can take care of it. Make it easy for clients to do business with your company, and always keep your promises.
  4. Go above and beyond. There are always opportunities to do more than a client expects. Take advantage of these instances – the client will realize quickly that you are always there to make their experience as wonderful as possible.
  5. Treat customers well and with respect.

Let your customers know how important they are to your business. The golden rule applies here – treat them how you would want to be treated.