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Marketing 101: The SWOT Analysis

When implementing any new marketing strategy, it is important to conduct a SWOT analysis for your business. SWOT stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. It is pronounced the same way as SWAT, but unfortunately it isn’t as interesting as Samuel L. Jackson in a bullet-proof vest breaking down a wall. To get a better […]

6 Ways to Make an Effective Landing Page

Creating an excellent landing page is like perfecting a sales pitch. Everything you say and do is crafted to entice your prospective customer, and your ulterior motive is to compel him or her to act. The role of a landing page is exactly that—to be a strategic, well-constructed site that is specifically designed to convert […]

The Blogger’s World = Limitless Online Marketing

One could not dream on July 3, 1969, when Internet was introduced to the public, that our lives and culture would change so rapidly. A mere 25 years later, a college student at Swarthmore, Justin Hall, invented blogging. Since then social networking has taken over our culture. Four of the top online social networking methods […]

The Seven C’s of Communication

If you have ever sent an email to a co-worker or friend only to discover you left out key information, you are not alone. Yes, I admit it. I have been that person who sends someone 4 emails to get my point across. Do I let that happen anymore? Not a chance. I put myself […]

The Google Panda Algorithm Update

This update, which rolled out on February 23, 2011 does not affect any Sequoia Technologies clients. We do not participate in sketchy SEO techniques or host ads on any of our sites. All sites managed by Sequoia have relevant content geared towards end users and do not to try to game the Google Algorithm. Google’s […]

Customer Service 201

Think about how you feel when you encounter bad customer service, even if it’s only once. You probably dread calling for assistance, and when you finally do, you are reminded why you didn’t want to make the call in the first place, prompting you to consider taking your business elsewhere. Consider this – would you […]

A Very Small-Business Solution

How much do you pay for credit card fees per transaction? No idea? Let’s say your business uses a standard credit card processing company. You pay $0.15 per transaction, with 2000 transactions of $5 each. You just paid $300 to your credit processing company. What if you could cut that to $275? From Twitter’s co-founder […]

Expanding Your Social Network

Social Networking… Away from the computer In our world today, social networking has become a way of life for many people. It has also become an effective marketing strategy used by businesses with very little cost involved. However, I am not writing to tell you about the importance of social networking. While social networking on […]