We work with a lot of different vendors in our day-to-day operations. There are only a few that I would recommend and feel confident that we would not receive negative feedback from it. In our industry we always get asked by our customers do you know a carpenter? Do you know a roofer? We rarely want to give out names because of course we know these people, but if they do bad work or don’t handle the customer correctly it looks bad on us. That being said I would highly recommend one of our venders to another Carrier dealer. I would recommend Jennifer and Sequoia and not think twice about it. We are Carrier dealers and we were recommended by Carrier to go with Sequoia and like most people we took Carrier’s recommendation.

Jennifer is our contact at Sequoia and she is fantastic. We are always treated like we are the only customer she has. She always answers any question we have and solves any problem we have. She pays attention to the details and that is very important to us. Even a minor thing like changes in how Google looks at websites Jennifer brings it to our attention and we discuss the pros and cons of how it will affect us. Jennifer calls us back when she says she is going to and answers emails in a very timely fashion. We are a Heating and Air Conditioning contractor we don’t have time to monitor our daily operations on the internet! This is why we hired Sequoia and they handle it and we don’t have to worry about it. Having a professional organization by your side and Jennifer we don’t worry about internet marketing, it is handled for us. I wish I could say the same thing about other aspects of our business.